Emotions and Thinking: Is Stealing Always Wrong?

*****Bizarre video gift at the end of the post. A taste of Mexico City at dark. No sound and a lot of sidewalk shots, but hey, I did this by my techo-challenged self! Is Stealing Bad? Is Someone Who Steals a Bad Person? A Supplement to MysteryShrink and the Emotional Guidance System to be used as a reference when ‘dualistic thinking’ is cited in other articles. Dualistic Thinking: Dualistic thinking occurs when we assume there are only two possibilities choices for behavior—one good and one bad. One right and one wrong. With this structure, we then separate actions, beliefs, and …

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Money Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype: Lessons from Eloise


Money Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype:  Lessons from Eloise If the Book Is a Mistake, Put it Down! For quite a while I’ve wanted to do a series based on lessons I learned from a late friend, older than me by several decades, and wealthier than me by several millenniums. I’ll call her Eloise after the heroine in books written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight (released in the 1950s) about a rich and engaging little girl who lived in the fanciest hotel in New York City. “I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city …

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From the Bowen Center on Sibling Position

As a reference to be used in the next post, the following description is taken from the site for the Bowen Family Center in Washington, D.C. Sibling Position Bowen theory incorporates the research of psychologist Walter Toman as a foundation for its concept of sibling position. Bowen observed the impact of sibling position on development and behavior in his family research. However, he found Toman’s work so thorough and consistent with his ideas that he incorporated it into his theory. The basic idea is that people who grow up in the same sibling position predictably have important common characteristics. For example, …

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Emotions: Living in the Now or ‘How to Visualize Whirled Peas’

fortin hotel pool

Emotions: Living in the Now or ‘How to Visualize Whirled Peas’ Emotions:  The Old Man, His Mop, and His Gift How do you ‘live in the now’ when life takes a dive suddenly and forever?  And you’re a kid? The Ruiz Gallindo Hotel is nestled in Fortín de la Flores, a little town between Veracruz, and Mexico City.  It is three weeks after my mother died with an asthma attack.  My father had gathered up my younger and me to wander Mexico for the summer. Talking was hard.  Sleeping impossible.  We made it because we were the introvert-feelings-avoiders in the family. …

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